ALCHEMY, a journal of translation published at UCSD, is currently accepting submissions. We are looking for work from students and professional translators that engages translation in both traditional and innovative ways. We welcome translations of poems and stories as well as nontraditional translations that investigate what, exactly, the act of translation can be.

Submissions for our next issue are due May 20, 2020.

Our current theme is “UNITY IN CRISIS.” Our guidelines are the following:

Times are dire on a global scale now. With COVID-19 and the Quarantine in mind, what is the most important thing we should be reading right now, for the greatest possible effect? What experiences should be shared, and what feelings must be felt to unite humanity during this pandemic? Which literary texts would shine bright in this time of darkness, and which ones would show the true darkness in humanity, history, and the present moment? And last but not least, what art can we create?

We suggest the following topics related to the theme, among others:

  • life and death
  • mental health (ways to maintain positive mental health & ways to explain negative mental health)
  • economic consequences & ways to help (micro and macro)
  • international diplomacy (what has been done, what should be done, what can still be done)
  • history & memory
  • philosophy
  • credible journalism & scientific information
  • religion

We are looking for the following genres of literature:

  • Poetry — submit ONE poem (max. 50 lines of verse)
  • Prose (Fiction/Non-Fiction/Other) — max. 2,000 words (word count must be displayed on the first page, right corner)
  • Drama/Dialogue — brief (max. 5-minute scene)
  • Cross-Genre and Experimental Works — feel free to combine the aforementioned criteria in a fitting manner

As for art:

  • Visual Art — submit as a JPEG or PNG file

You may submit translated works of poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, cross-genre, or unclassifiable work, as well as reviews of books in translation. We are also accepting submissions for cover art.

If you are a student, please include the name of the school or institution of higher learning you attend, as well as your program of study (if applicable). We also ask that you provide contact information for one teacher or faculty advisor who has agreed to assist you in preparing your translation for publication. Whether you are a student or emerging translator, please include copies of the original texts with your translations.

We have expanded our journal to include a section for young translators, students 18 years of age or younger. Translation tools especially geared towards teaching young translators are available on our site. We accept submissions from these translators using the same submission criteria; please include contact information for a teacher with whom you worked on the translation.

We deeply encourage work that you have translated from other languages into English, provided that you are authorized to publish that work (Creative Commons, public copyright license, original author or rights-holder, etc.). By submitting your work, you acknowledge and accept the above terms, and we are expecting you to honor this agreement.

Send your submission to with the heading “[Genre] Submission” or “Art Submission.”

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your work!

Alchemy Editorial Staff

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