About Alchemy

Alchemy is committed to publishing quality, contemporary translations of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction creative writing. By dedicating our journal to the publication of high quality translations by students and emerging translators, we aim to encourage a new generation of translators. We publish creative translations and adaptations, including homophonic, homolinguistic, and other poetic forms. It is our belief that translation can teach us new things about writing and about language itself. We look forward to publishing work that is fresh, engaging, and thought provoking. Alchemy is based in the University of California, San Diego’s Literature and Linguistics departments and is edited and published by UCSD students.

Editor in Chief

Neon Mashurov

Editorial Team

Lucien Herzog
Reem Tasyakan
Alissa Tu
Kevin Jang

Editorial Alumni

Nolan Dannels (Editor in Chief; 2020)
Iliria Osum (Editor in Chief; 2019-2020)
AAO (Editor in Chief; 2018)
T.m Lawson (Editor in Chief; 2017)
Valentina Calvache (Editor in Chief 2016-2017)
MarieJo Delgadillo (Editor in Chief; 2015-2016)
Sarah Ciston (Editor in Chief; 2014-2015)
Paola Capó-García (Editor in Chief; 2013-2014)
Pepe Rojo (Editor in Chief; 2013-2014)
Jose Antonio Villaran (Editor in Chief; 2012-2013)
Allie Moreno (Editor in Chief; 2011-2012)
Chloe Asano (2020-2021)
Margaux Paul (2020-2021)
Nico Luna (2020-2021)
Rachel Diaz (2014-2015)
Amber Knight (2014-2015)
Anna Parkhurst (2014-2015)
Meryl Press (2014-2015)
Lilibeth Moreno (2013-2014)
Bryan Constantino (2013-2014)
Mika Kennedy (2011-2014)
Matthew Chow (2011-2012)
Brian Eazer (2011-2012)
Shannon Fox (2011-2012)
Andrew Hsieh (2011-2012)
Natasha Stambuk (2011-2012)

Editorial Staff Alumni

Lorena Espinoza
Klara Feenstra
McKenzie Ross
Alissa Tu
Yaprak Yıldırım

Faculty Directors

Amelia Glaser (Literature)

Faculty Advisory Board

Gabriela Caballero
Ari Larissa Heinrich
Jin Lee
Pasquale Verdicchio

Web Designer

Mika Kennedy


Milda Zilinskaite (External consultation)
Sophia Liapounova (Illustrations)