Summer 2012

Photography by Eleanor Leonne Bennett, a sixteen-year old internationally award-winning photographer and artist who has been globally published.


Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor by Allie Moreno




Fishtory by Jenna Jauregui

Translated homophonically, from the English, by Jenna Jauregui.


A Little Prank by Anton Chekhov

Translated, from the Russian, by Mariya Lipmanovich.


Caress by Kajii Motojiro

Translated, from the Japanese, by Asheli Mosley.


LA CRESTA DE ILIÓN by Cristina Rivera Garza

Translated, from the Spanish, by Julio Enríquez.


Man with Man by Alexander Grin

Translated, from the Russian, by Katya Jordan.




Hands by Hae-Wook Shin

Translated, from the Korean, by Chloe Park.


Bone to Bone by Vasko Popa

Translated, from the Serbian, by Katherine Klaric.


Hiccup by L.G. Damas

Translated, from the French, by Courtenay Selden.


snail by Chung Ho-seung

Translated, from the Korean, by Mia You.


Book Reviews


All the Garbage of the World Unite by Kim Hyesoon

Translated, from the Korean, by Don Mee Choi. Book review by Allie Moreno.


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