El Elemento Ke Falta, Está En El Cielo

(The Missing Element is in Heaven)

“El Elemento Ke Falta, Está En El Cielo” (The Missing Element is in Heaven) by Damariz Aispuro
photo collage, gouache, holographic paper, 28cm x 36cm, 2023

Damariz Aispuro was born in Tijuana in 1984. She is a self-taught creator and her approach to the arts began in her adolescence, starting with graffiti, technical, industrial, and architectural drawing. Always trying as a creator to be an outsider, she defines herself as a dispersist. She officially began to create an artistic curriculum in 2009 in the city of Tijuana and the United States, participating in several collective exhibitions and two individual ones. Mainly, her works lean towards urbanism, chaos, anarchy, sexuality, and mysticism. Being born and raised in the city of Tijuana has allowed her to experience each of these issues up close. Many times, the inspiration comes to her thanks to the decadence and surrealism of her city. She was a teacher for 11 years in different areas and institutions, all with reference to art. She currently creates full-time, has collaborated on the illustration of an unpublished book, and collaborated in another recently published book, P. NEUMA, with the Catalan poet Xavier Giol. She has also designed two music album covers. She is currently exploring different areas, such as painting, engraving, drawing, collage, photography, and ceramics. Much of her work is already sold and is located in the United States, Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Cuba.

Artist’s Statement:

I come from above for drinking

water and gold, to preserve the

effluvium of my marsh salt.


and my announcement is