I don’t want to be named.

There’s only one heart, but

My face is white as snow and
Numerous as snowflakes.

I can’t take off the black wig, and

Don’t become transparent
Even when I put the transparent slippers on.

I’m a bit different each time from yesterday.

I hear myself breathing like water.

I sink into thoughts I don’t want, and
Today keeps coming to an end.


By Shin Hae-Wook
Translated, from the Korean, by Nancy Yeon-Joo Kim

Nancy Yeon-Joo Kim will graduate this year with a BA in Literary Translation from Swarthmore College. She has published a few articles, but this is the first time that her translated work has been printed. She aspires to translate Korean literature to make it well-known internationally.
Shin Hae-Wook (b.1974) is a Korean poet who has also published a collection of essays. She was voted the Young Poet of the Year in 2010 by her colleagues.