Don’t Leave

가지마요 – 이은현

가을 밤에 한
남자가 집에

마음이 무거웠다.

사랑은 뭐야?

오늘 아침
조용하다. 그리고 내
첫 사랑이 파리로 갔다. 너랑
키스 하고싶었다 (첫). 네가 가기 전에.
틀렸다 – 내가.

파리에서 해가 떠났다.

행복하게 살아. 나는 너의옆에 이제는 못을것 같아.

Don’t Leave

One autumn night, a man
Went home.

His heart was heavy.

What is love?

This morning is quiet. And my
First love left for Paris. I
Wanted to have my kiss (first) with
You. Before you left.
I was wrong – I was.

The sun has set in Paris.

Live happily. I think I can no longer stay by your side anymore.

Grace Lee (1996) is a Korean American writer and artist. She uses writing and art to express her passions for literature, music, beauty, and fashion as well as the cultural and social customs and issues of today in both American and South Korean society. Her hobbies include socializing with friends, walking/yoga, and reading. She is studying for a bachelor’s degree in creative writing at the University of California San Diego, where she is currently working on a short story about unhealthy relationships.