Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

I am at a loss for where to begin this letter when our theme this issue is dedicated to such a powerful abstraction as love/(un)love. Luckily, we’ve been gifted with art and literature that not only speaks these words but stretches into the beyond. In these unsavory times, we have decided to dedicate this summer issue of Alchemy to love and all its power. I’ve been privileged to work with an editorial board that never ceased to bring their compassionate and hardworking selves to every meeting to put this special issue together. Jointly, we’ve selected work to bring curiosity to your heart’s mind.

For the first time, Alchemy has included a video among our contributions! Our cover artwork is accompanied by a translation from Tamil to Spanish by Sindhu Thirumalaisamy. The video, “Cada flor tiene”, can be accessed by clicking the link on our website as well as this link, here. Thirumalaisamy describes this as “the unfolding of a conversation between the artist and her grandmother. Moving associatively through different sonic and verbal cues, the flowers unfold what, in the film are noted as ‘a myriad intimacies, largely unknown’: Parkinson’s, work, nerves, air, honey, language, memory.”

Our enthusiasm of this poetry-focused issue continues with Maria Bartlett’s translation of “Poema cotidiano”, an alluring depiction of hair-washing and self-care. E. Rose’s translation of “El Ensueño” reveals a yearning, ceaseless heart; one that mirrors the pain of Lorena Espinoza’s translation of “Un Perrro Ha Muerto”. The frothier section of contributions in this issue includes Azura FairChild’s translation of “You and Thou”, Joel G. Burke’s translation of “Ode to ‘Oranges’”, and Janie N. Paz’s translation of “Amor de Colibrí”.

We’re proud to unveil this issue of Alchemy. We hope you enjoy and find a little love in this too.


Many thanks for reading,