누구 – 이은현

나는 누군데?
내가 아니다.
왜 내가계속 연기를해?
지금 누구를 위해서 내 자신에 속이는거야?

지금 나 뭐해?
왜 네말은 듣고니?
네가 뭔데?
너는 누군데?


Who am I?
I am not me.
Why do I keep acting?
For whose benefit am I now tricking myself?

What am I doing now?
Why I am listening to your words?
What are you?
Who do you think you are?

Grace Lee (1996) is a Korean American writer and artist. She uses writing and art to express her passions for literature, music, beauty, and fashion as well as the cultural and social customs and issues of today in both American and South Korean society. Her hobbies include socializing with friends, walking/yoga, and reading. She is studying for a bachelor’s degree in creative writing at the University of California San Diego, where she is currently working on a short story about unhealthy relationships.