Il Perseo di Benvenuto Cellini


Basilica di S. Paolo


Il David – Statua non finita


S. Giovannino


Testa del David di Michelangelo


Translator’s Note:
The series was made as a visual translation between the front and the back of found correspondence. On a tour through Italy in 1958, Grandparents (Papy & Mamy) sent postcards to their grandchildren (Paul, Cécile and Anne). I was absolutely taken by the graphic effects that the vintage handwriting, stamp and postmark made together, more than by the old photographs on the front. But by cutting those out, interesting things happened: poetic images appeared


Alexia Struye (°1977) uses found imagery as a pencil to draw tranquil and delicate poetry (mostly) without words. Alexia’s creative process is explorative: experimentation and luck, pursuing unseen forms and patterns, to discover the concealed. The images she chooses to work with are picked instinctively for their interesting aesthetic and their promising balance of shapes, colour and structure. The resulting image is one that appears familiar but defies recognition, somewhere between fiction and reality, creating an atmosphere that solicits a moment of contemplation and slowing down.

Alexia Struye obtained a Master’s degree in Art from the Ecole de Recherche Graphique (Brussels) in 2001. It is only in 2017 that she started working as an artist after pursuing a career in Human Resources. Alexia lives and works in Antwerp with her husband and their two children. Follow her on her website and on Instagram at @alexiastruye