Early Spring

«Early spring», slime on canvas, bas-relief, 70 x 80 cm (thickness 4 cm), 2020. Tanbelia (Tania Belashchuk)

Artist’s Note:
I was inspired to create this painting by spring nature in my village. I painted apple trees through which sunlight shines, when the sun goes up, at the beginning of the warm season, burgeoning young leaves on the trees. The ground is covered with fresh green grass. The artwork was created during the spring of quarantine in 2020. I had the opportunity to constantly go out into the yard and create, draw inspiration from nature. My artworkshop was in nature, in the plain air.


Tanbelia (Tania Belashchuk) is a professional artist from Ukraine. She was born in the city Rivne, Ukraine in 1998. She is a member of the Bukovinian Watercolor Association, Ukraine. Recently, she created a series of paintings on the theme “Nature is a workshop, an eternal exemplar of art,” which depicted  the value of nature in our life, to encourage peoples to preserve and protect nature. The artist uses slime: a popular children’s anti-stress toy. The artist gave a new meaning to this viscous material, translating it to the plane of art. Find her work on her website, Facebook, or Instagram at @tanbeliaart.