Original & Translation, from the Persian, by Maziar Karim

Break the handle 
of the gardening sickle
that wants all stems of thought 
in the same size.
or tall,
want only the brush of the wind of peace
and fingers of freedom 
that will never stroke triggers.


دسته ی
داس باغبانی
که ساقه ھای فکر را
یک اندازه می خواھد
چه کوتاه
چه بلند
تنھا شانه ی باد صلح را می خواھیم
و انگشتان آزادی را
که ھرگز
ماشه ای را نوازش نخواھند کرد

“Ancient Memories”

By Mariaceleste Arena

digital art, 2021 

Maziar Karim was born on the 28th of February in Tehran, Iran. He holds an MS degree in Information Technology. He has been doing research in the fields of philosophy, psychology, philology, mythology, and literature and will be publishing essays and books in these fields in both Persian and English. His work in the United States has appeared in these magazines: Better Than Starbucks, DREGINALD, The Bookends Review, Gramma Poetry, Smithsonian Magazine, Fictional Café, The Gravity of the Thing’s latest anthology, Stranged Writing: A Literary Taxonomy, Alchemy, G*Mob, and Azonal translation anthology. He is also publishing two pieces in a book in quatrain style in the Persian language.

Mariaceleste Arena was born in 1993 in Sicily, Italy. She creates works both digitally and with traditional techniques. Her favorite techniques are oil and acrylics for painting and sanguigne pencil,colored pencils,soft pastels and bic/ink pens for drawing. Usually her works are fantastic, bizarre, semi-abstract and touch on different themes, from personal introspection to more social themes. Arena has been included in various important exhibitions, such as “Festival-Ceci n’est pas un blasphème” in Naples, 2021, and “It’s Magic. A Beyond Experience-Photo Video and Visual Design International Group Exhibition” in Rome, 2022.